AEscripts Magnum – The Edit Detector v2.62

Extra information:

Immediately spots edits in footage. To utilize it you just choose a footage layer in a compensation, set the work area for the region tell Magnum to go to work and you’d like to find edits!

Now with After Effects CC utilizing a new detection method which is fully compatible and much more effective with every version beginning with CS3 upwards compatible. A new feature is also to inform Magnum exactly what the minimum scene length to assist detection of tricky footage. Lastly we included a “Save detection analysis” option which enables you to see how the edit detection levels are viewed by Magnum so you can set the very best detect level for the video.

The powerful new Recognition Analysis function enables you to graphically observe the edits within your footage.

Exactly what’s brand-new:

2.62 (Current version) – Nov 24, 2014
Repaired adjustment layers resource name

2.61 – Nov 20, 2014
Universalized repaired number in layer name marker bug, effect reference
2.6 – Sep 9, 2014.
Added Move Thumbnail function.
2.55 – Aug 1, 2013.
Included CC Compatibility