CopyQueue 1.4

Name: CopyQueue

Version: 1.4

Mac Platform: Intel

Consists of: Pre-K’ed.


Version: OSX 10.7 or later on.
Processor type(s) & & rate: 64bit processor.
RAM minimum: N/A.
Video RAM: N/A.

Exactly what’s New in Version 1.4.
– Fixed a problem which avoided copying to WebDAV volumes.

CopyQueue enables you to manage your file transfers, including downloading from the internet, copying to and from network shares, USB drives and uploading to FTP sites.

Where CopyQueue really shines slow connections and large files are. Never worry about a file transfer since with CopyQueue you can resume it, being interrupted again. Never ever stress over for how long a file transfer will certainly take, since you resume it later and can pause it at any time. Utilize the integrateded bandwidth limitations and schedule to decrease your network effect and total ignored transfers over night. You’ll find CopyQueue invaluable, if you regularly copy large files.

With CopyQueue, you can:.
– Copy several files quicker and more effectively than OS X.
– transfers file, even after rebooting or reconnecting to the system. You may continue a transfer weeks and even months later on.
– after you’ve started copying, Decide which files are transferred first. You can even immediately arrange them by size or time staying so that the files you require initially, are finished initially.
– Retry and continue transactions that fail when the network is detached.
– Optionally confirm if you are utilizing an undependable connection that every byte is copied correctly.
– Control just how much network bandwidth is utilized, to avoid exceeding quotas or blocking other network users.
– Arrange big transfers for off peak durations, such as over night.

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