CRAX Commander 1.7.5

Name: CRAX Commander

Version: 1.7.5

Mac Platform: Intel
Contains: Pre-K’ed

Version: higher 10.7 or

64 bitWhats new:

added Russian translation
added sharing activity toolbar item
Given problem with saving changes afer editing FTP distant file
fixed encoding detection in review by content dialog
Fixed coloring of characteristic files that are dependent
Reconditioned problem with file names encoding in archives
Repaired program crash on managing info about bonjour servicesCRAX Commander is double-pane file manager with approachable user interface. It’s incorporated with Subversion 1.6 and it’s builtin FTP, SSH client functionality. CRAX supplies many of functionalities you should efficiently and immediately access and manage the local and remote files. With CRAX file management is simpler and considerably quicker than it’s been .


Double-pane and multi-tabbed UI

Complete UI customization (Fonts, Colours, Behavior, Activities, Toolbar)
keyboard shortcuts customization
Description of CUSTOM TOOLS as menu items and toolbar itemsSIDEBAR panel
Draganddrop operations
copying and transferring files/folders in history (non-blocking GUI file operations)
Builtin clients for connection to remote volumes SFTP, SSH, FTP, SMB, AFP protocols
Builtin text file editor with syntax coloringsplitting and combining files
Computation and verification checksums
Archive file support: ZERO, RAR, 7-ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, AR (checking, uniquely unpack, remove, browsing archives in archives etc.)
Complex looking for filesmulti-rename toolsupport for Subversion 1.6Keychain passwords restoring and saving
QuickLook support
Plus much more…More info:

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