Disk Inspector 1.0.4

Name: Disk Inspector

Version: 1.0.4

Mac Platform: Intel

Consists of: Pre-K’ed.

OS type: 10.6 or later on.

Exactly what’s New.
? Retina display support included.

Checked on 10.10.1.

Link for more information: http://nektony.com.
Disk Inspector is a utility that enables you to find “space eaters” – big files and folders stored money on any of drives or your Mac disks.

Do you have any completing free space on your disk? Considering purchasing a new disk? Before you do hold on. First, remove from your computer. Use Disk Inspector remove the unused files, and to discover the biggest files on your Mac!

To achieve that, it reads the disk file structure, and reveals your files and folders about the drive in a sunburst-like plan. Larger things are larger on the diagram, so it’s truly simple to discover bigger ones.

Disk Inspector enables you to scan: External storage disks, Hard Disk Volumes, DVD and CD disks, Flash drives, mounted folders, and even DMG volumes with FileVault protection!

Disk Inspector includes a visual scanning mode, so you can see the outcomes even throughout the scan process. A small progress bar is on the dock icon to reveal the current progress.

If the disk is bootable writable, the file system type, and link procedure for each disk you can acquire additional information about it. For every disk item, you get additional detailed information, can use QuickLook Preview, and reveal the item in Finder for running it – to erase or move unused files.

Keep in mind: For stability reasons, all concealed files are shown like a single item within the plan.

? Animated reading process.
? Displaying discovered files & & folders throughout scan process
During scanning process, ? Progress bar
? Comprehensive volume information offered.
? Details about documents.
? QuickLook for files.
? Content course for the item.
? Displaying skipping free space, the folders structure
? And even rotate the resulting diagram!

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