Disk Order 3.2.5

Name: Disk Order

Version: 3.2.5

Mac Platform: UB (PPC & & Intel).

Consists of: Serial.


Version: 10.5 or greater.

Whats brand-new:.

OS X 10.9 Mavericks assistance.
Select submits with best mouse button.
Available contextual menu with Choice-key.
Use markers to pick/deselect files.
Designate colors for various file types.
Much better color personalization.
Tabs reordering.
Fresh tabs style.
Designated lines in audience and editor.
Bug repairs.

Disk Order makes file management simple, quick and enjoyable on your Mac. It enables to conserve time on every step and provides you a fantastic file-management power.

Disk Order is a sophisticated Finder replacement with integrated FTP customer and capability to deal with archives like plain folders. This makes since now you do not need to introduce different applications to link to FTP server, batch relabel files, or extract some information out of.zip,. gz,. tgz archive file management much quicker then it has actually been previously. All these jobs might be carried out within Disk Order with simply couple of mouse clicks. Likewise, Disk Order offers so on and all typical functions, for example Get Information, Backup/Transfer/Remove, Watch, Modify. Disk Order is quick and steady, works fantastic on both Intel-centered and PowerPC Macs.Use the double-pane user interface to:.

* handle files quickly.
* deal with archives like plain folders.
* gain access to documents at FTP servers.
* download audio from your own iPod/iPhone.
* review directory sites.
* batch rename files.
* do everything with customized keystrokes.

More information: http://www.likemac.ru/english/

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