DiskWarrior 5

Name: DiskWarrior

Version: 5

Mac Platform: UB
Contains: Pre-K’ed

Version: OS X 10.5.8 or after

Pre-Cracked courtesy of The Shark

Version 1412 – 5.0.0

Block connections to www.alsoft.com

Register with Serial and any Name

Disk Warrior Recovery Maker (to produce USB boot drives) will need another crack, and does not function at this time.
To Displace The Shark icon:

Download this zip and unzip.

Right click and Obtain Information about the DiskWarrior5 Icon folder
Click the icon within the top left of the Information window once (blue outline can look).
Press Cmd C to repeat the icon.
Right click and Obtain Information on DiskWarrior.app
Click the icon within the top left of the Information window once (blue outline can look)
Cmd V to paste the icon that is first.
System Requirements: Demonstrate

What is new in DiskWarrior?

DiskWarrior 5 is the one utility program that solves the common problems you will probably encounter in your Mac all. Only look at these brand new features:

The big disks of now can have directories that are big. Using the latest 64-bit technology enables DiskWarrior 5 to manage even the largest disks.
Boats on a bootable flash drive to fix your startup disk

Flash drives may be upgraded as needed and start up considerably quicker than DVDs.
Contains the new DiskWarrior Recovery Maker

New Macs have new OS X startup demands. DiskWarrior Recovery Maker upgrades your DiskWarrior Recovery flash drive using the latest OS X.
Runs from OS X Recovery (Recovery HD)

In a crisis, you need DiskWarrior on your startup disk to run until your startup disk has partition table damage.
Repairs partition table damage

Occasionally the damage is for the chart that explains all of your drive. When started in the DiskWarrior Recovery flash drive, typical Mac GUID partition tables can be repaired by diskWarrior 5.
New architecture

Upgraded to use the hottest OS X technologies while still supporting old Intel and PowerPC Macs that can run the latest OS X.
Significantly quicker

For a lot of disks, directory rebuilding is twice as quickly as the prior version.
Regains more information from drives with hardware malfunctions

Regain your important files from most failing drives, potentially saving you a huge number of dollars in retrieval costs that are professional.
Finds and fixes more disk problems than ever

The most effective is better yet.
New Directory Optimization List

It’s possible for you to tell your directories are in a glimpse.
Fixes Time Machine back-up disks

Drives including Time Machine back ups can have tremendous directories which were generally too large for DiskWarrior 4. The 64-bit memory handling of DiskWarrior 5 enables these drives to be fixed or recovered.
Along with a lot more

More Information: http://www.alsoft.com/DiskWarrior/

DiskWarrior… The Vital Mac Disk Utility.

After your Mac went haywire, everything simply vanished. All your work files. The music you love. The picture of your child’s first steps. It is your life and it is gone. Do not panic! When catastrophe strikes and things go lost diskWarrior will find your documents, pictures, music and any other files.
Maybe you have attempted to open a doc and all that occurs is a color wheel that moves and spins and whirls? Or whenever your Mac begins, whatever you get is a flashing question mark? Or you’re in the center of editing a film and your external hard disk is not on the desktop computer? Or your MP3s will not play… Or each single time you look through your pictures, your Mac crashes. DiskWarrior gets you backup and running quickly!

DiskWarrior repairs disks no other utility program can fix: DiskWarrior files and can find your lost docs. With a patent-pending, award winning process of rebuilding directories.

Everything that is broken or lost is found by only one click. With one click, DiskWarrior locates salvageable folders and files and constructs a fresh error-free, enhanced directory for one to make use of.
In case things and your lost files are regained, it is simple to assess. DiskWarrior’s preview feature allows you to see the way your disk will appear after it’s fixed, but before any changes are created. You can also evaluate your disk in its damaged state to its state that is restored.
DiskWarrior is not very dangerous to use. DiskWarrior checks your directory that is fixed to ensure it’s free. It then uses a failsafe way of replacing the damaged directory to make sure that your information won’t be harmed by disruptions including power outages.

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