Escapes 1.1.0

Name: Escapes

Version: 1.1.0

Mac Platform: Intel
Contains: Pre-K’ed

Version: 10.8

Chip type(s) & speed: 64bit
RAM minimal:
Link for more info:

Escapes can be an ANSI NFO DIZ ASC audience/manager for Mac OS X.

** SHORTLY: Escapes 2 – lots of new features, free upgrade! **

Attribute roundup:

* Respect ANSi artwork of any sort. Simple. All sorts supported.
* Builtin manager for ASCII art (NFO, DIZ, ASC) and text files.
* Retina Engine: ASCII art in high DPI ANSi and renders both.
* Retina UI: a file type icons that are breathtaking and a gorgeous interface.
* Be social. Share your favourite artworks on Facebook.
* Export ANSi / ASCII art to PNG pictures that are highly optimized.
* Inquire SAUCE records, it is all indoors.
* Select between ten classic and contemporary typefaces.
* 19 encodings accessible to save in one for the other.
An elective viewer mode leaves valuable files unaffected.
* Lots of advanced settings, like.bin posts and snow colors.
* Motifs. Tons of them. Making your own? Oh yeah!
* Clickable hyperlinks and auto-sizing doc windows? Yes.
* of A thousand items we’venot described? Definitely.
Supported file types include (but aren’t restricted to):

ANSi (.ANS), Binary (.BIN), Artworx (.ADF), snow Pull (.IDF), Xbin (.XB), PCBoard (.PCB), Tundra (.TND), ASCII (.ASC), Release information (.NFO), Explanation in zipfile (.DIZ) and text files.
Notice a greatly improved version of our well known program Ascension is builtin. Thus with Escapes, in addition you obtain the world’s most famous NFO viewer for Mac, fully revised and extended.

Escapes mascot Frank will not win a model competition, but we guarantee he’ll look wonderful in your dock. Get ready to get a journey through time and learn more about the golden age of text mode artists. Love!

What is New in Version 1.1.0

Rewritten ANSi rendering engine custom scrollers that enable to focus on contents, with substantial functionality improvements, alternative to activate worldwide b/w scroller style.
Problems solved:

Fixed a bug that caused ANSi files under OS X Mavericks to not leave.

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