Firetask 3.7

Name: Firetask

Version: 3.7

Mac Platform: Intel

Consists of: KG


Version: 10.8.5 or greater
64 bit

Whats brand-new:

Firetask 3.7 is now enhanced for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite consisting of a brand-new, more modern search for your toolbar.

Additionally, the brand new edition improves searching by always issuing prefix and allows to unarchive cancelled and completed projects -inquiries.

Firetask incorporates the benefits of David Allenis Getting Things Done (GTD ?) with tested classical task management functions for example payment dates and goals in a distinctive method.

Unlike other job management applications, Firetask is purely project-oriented and extremely effective. Firetask syncs wirelessly with Firetask for iPad and Firetask for iPhone.

Utilize the “Today” watch for quick use of duties due today or within the next days in addition to to your next actionable task per job. Group tasks consisting of an unique “Waiting for” classification for tracking tasks you have actually entrusted ” by “Categories” or “Projects.

Utilize the “In-Tray” to rapidly go into ideas and concepts so that no single smart idea gets ever lost once again. Quickly handle short-term tasks on a “Scratchboard”. Lastly, utilize the “Organize” and “Calendar” sights to aid your weekly GTD ? review process and monitor project archives and your personal task consisting of GTD ?-design “Sometime” and “Trash” listings.

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