HashTab 5.1.0

Name: HashTab

Version: 5.1.0

Mac Platform: Intel

Consists of: Pre-K’ed.

OS type: Macos X 10.7+.

Could not discover who to credit.
Prior releases were by PRIMARY however!

Untested on 10.9.5/ 10.10, however ought to work.

Release Date: Jan 30, 2013.
Exactly what’s New in Version 5.1.
Included the champion of the NIST hash opposition (Keccak) that will be currently the official SHA3 standard.

Hashtab, will be the most popular utility for verifying file checksums on Windows, now it’s actually concerned OS X!

Hundreds of thousands of people us hashtab since it’s simple, it’s quick, and it works.

HashTab supports numerous hash algorithms for example MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3, RipeMD, Lion, TigerTree, Gost, eD2K, BTIH and Whirlpool, and many significantly you can discover the checksum of the file right where you require it. Right click you and your file will certainly view the “File Hashes” menu immediately.

Hash your file, paste your checksum within the checksum field and find out a green check a red X when the file has actually been damaged or if your file matches.

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