SmartAlbums 1.2.2

Name: SmartAlbums

Version: 1.2.2

Mac Platform: Intel
Contains: K

Version: higher 10.7 or

Whats new:


Issue with background color not being set right.

Issue with Adobe Photoshop CS4 not being found on some machines.

Courtesy of Special K

SmartAlbums is a groundbreaking software which will enable create photo albums quickly and extremely fun! Simple installation, creative, saving time! Experiment with design, mix and order the pictures … Use your predefined templates, or make use of the chance to make your own. SmartAlbums created graphic designers and photographers with the usage of advanced technology, which is really user friendly.



No demand to understand some other print jargon, safe zones, or bleeds.

Decide your print company & record size, and the remainder was set up by us.

No more design propagates or hunting for templates.

Just decide your pictures and instantly see a layout.

With Dynamic Album Design(TMark) testing is quick & simple.

Shift spread layouts, add & change pictures immediately, and #038; delete pictures.
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