Synalyze It! Pro 1.9

Name: Synalyze It! Master

Version: 1.9

Mac Platform: Intel
Contains: Pre-K’ed

Version: 10.7

Chip type(s) & rate: Intel, 64bit
RAM minimum: N/A
Video RAM: N/A
Version 1.9 – 2014 07 30

New: 10.10 Yosemite compatible

New: considerably quicker Python script processing
New: markers are handed to effect running programs
Fix: parsing of authorized numbers with duration not multiple of 8 bits
Fix: span comparison of arrangements
Fix: file counter did not improve in construction mapping via script
Are you really serious about file investigation and hex editing?

Do you understand how maddening and frustrating it may be to make use of a hex editor that is routine?

You must remember the significance of all parts and bytes while moving through the file.
And each single time you take a look at a file you begin over this dull procedure.
Quit wasting your time plus let your Mac do the job.

With Synalyze It! Expert you can

* define a “grammar” that includes all of the understanding of a file format
* decode files using this grammar together with the Universal Parsing Engine
Make premises in unknown file formats and report them in a grammar
Save a lot of time by using grammars that are free for well known file formats like PNG, JPEG, ZIP or OpenType
* disclose the secrets of proprietary formats
* learn reverse engineering of binary files
* process the parsed file contents with Lua or Python scripts
* examine files with strong features such as histograms
Synalyze It! Pro is a genuine breakthrough in binary file investigation – a modeling program for binary files.

And incidentally: itis an excellent hex editor, also The Hex Editor you will adore!

Here are a few essential characteristics of Synalyze It! Expert:

* Hex Editor & Viewer (change, add and delete immediately in files of unlimited size)
* Description of the “grammar” for binary files with Scripting support – preserve your knowledge!
* Offers tons of text encodings
* Scripting editor (just in this Pro version)
* Automatic setup of present grammars
* Export of investigation to XML or text (just in this Professional version)
* Move grammars to GraphViz (just within this Professional version)
* Information see for common varying types (just in this Pro version)
* Multi choice of results (just in this Pro version)
* Go to place thing in toolbar (just in this Professional version)
* Python and Lua scripting component (just in this Professional version)
* Edit description of arrangements and components (just in this Pro version)
* Alter Font in hex view (just in this Pro version)
* Printing with right pagination
* Histogram view
* Checksum / hash value panel (just in this Pro version)
Go to Location in file using sayings
Save chosen bytes
Compare code pages that are *
* Step-By-Step text search with encoding choice
* Discover text
* Find numbers
* Hunt for masks
* See all strings in a file
more information:

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