The Unarchiver 3.9.1

Name: The Unarchiver

Version: 3.9.1

Mac Platform: Intel
Contains: Only program/game
New in 3.9.1:

Reconditioned removal of double-format archives like.tar.gz, that was inadvertently broken in 3.9.
New in 3.9:

Add Dutch translation.
Add support for PMA files.
Better support for Zip files that are broken.
Fixed bugs in handling of MSI and NSIS files.
Set a bug where minimizing the window could allow it to be stay open after extracting.
Miniature interface tweaks.
New in 3.8:

Added Brazilian Portugese translation.
Added support for XIP files.
Fixed some crashes and unsupported files for RAR.
Greater support for RAR Mac OS X SFX files.
Set crashes for PDF files and specific CAB.
Additional support for comments in Amiga LhA files.
Reconditioned French translation.
New in 3.7:

Added Bulgarian translation.
Fix a bug that will make files with invalid filenames not operate in Exe and Zip files.
Fix some little memory leaks.
Readonly attributes for files in archives are now dismissed. This caused some files to not remove accurately in older versions.
Fix a bug with parsing Pitch files.
New in 3.6.1:

Set a bug where removing multiple archives would fail.
Link for more info:

The Unarchiver is a considerably more capable replacement for “Archive”, the builtin archive file unpacker program on Mac OS X. The Unarchiver was created to fit in with the plan of the Finder, and to deal with a lot more formats than Archive Utility. Additionally, it may manage filenames in foreign character sets -English versions of other operating systems. A number of other languages should be handled by it as well, although Personally, I think it is helpful for beginning Japanese archives.

Install and it’s extremely easy to utilize – place archive file filetypes to open using it, and then just copy it in your Applications folder or whereever you favor. This could be done the regular way, or by double-clicking the icon to reveal the preferences of The Unarchiver.

Supported file formats include Zero, Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2, RAR, 7- LhA, zip, StuffIt and a number of other vague and old formats. See for a complete list of supported formats.

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